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The Busy Educator Award The Busy Educator Award
Congratulations on your wonderful site: www.xycoon.com
You did a great job on this site. Well done!
(source: Marjan Glavac)
BTDesign Awards - BEST SITE - Scientific Resources
It gives us great pleasure to announce your website has been selected as one of this month's winners of the BTDesign Awards. A sign of recognition for websites which make surfing a different experience!
Considering the high quality of both design and content, we bestowed your site with the BEST SITE awards (WTA), a recognition which puts your site among the best in the world.
(source: BTDesign Awards)
Award for content-rich sites.
Content is king, but Site Design and Navigation are vital members of the Royal Family. We appreciate good grammar and style, efficient communication, and regard for site visitors. (source: The Idiom Sisters)
I would like to reward your efforts with the Gadzillion Award For Creative Thought on the Internet. (source: Don Fowler)
We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and informative content. Considering the nature of your site, it is with great pleasure that we give you the Resource Site Award for sites located at www.xycoon.com and www.wessa.net. (source: Nu-Horizons)
It is not often that people put forth the effort to gather information and present it to a wide audience. When they do, however, they are doing a service for society. (source: The Science-Web-Award)
Creating a Web Site is art. There may be some people who would debate this, just let them debate. There is nothing different from an artist who uses a paint brush, or an artist who uses a mouse and keyboard. Everything that an artist does is a reflection of themselves. If he or she cares about their work it will show. (source: The Internet Excellence Award)
Xycoon has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award."

Xycoon.com is listed in these directories
Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library at Drexel University
Johns Hopkins University - Advanced Academic Programs Online
StatLib hosted by the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University
Reflector.com - Cox Newspapers Inc.
Giovanni Montana's Portal - The University of Chicago Personal Web Pages
Probability and Statistics Resources - Dr. Hossein Arsham

A few Praises from visitors
Subject: Thanks

Thanks for an excellent and very helpful website.
Subject: Your statistics web site

The best I have seen so far. Lots of excellent information, well arranged, and calculators to boot.
Thanks! (a scientist)
Subject: RE: Time Series - www.xycoon.com

I appreciate the reply immensely. That made complete sense. I know you have other obligations and time commitments, so it says a lot about your character that you even take the time to reply. Thanx so much!!!

Sincerely, T. (a scientist)

I have been searching for an easy to understand site to review different types of Distributions. Hands-Down.... yours is the best.

Thanks for such a great reference location!!!! (a student)
Subject: Comments

I was really happy to find a page like this in internet. I would suggest to add a brief explanation of its purpose and perhaps and example.

Congratulations. (anonymous)
Subject: Please provide information

"... I found your site and I am very impressed by its contents..."

Thank you. (a Statistics Professor)
Subject: your site

Dear Gentlemen, Great web site, I have to say. ...
Kind regards!

One Word. WOW!
(a Student)
University Of Cape Town
South Africa
Feedback form

You folks are a blessing!
(submitted through anonymous feedback form)
Feedback form

site is fantastic! I haven't looked through it all yet but already am finding very useful tools for my purposes. thanks!
(submitted through anonymous feedback form)
Feedback form

I wish I could have this 10 years ago... :-)
(submitted through anonymous feedback form)
Feedback form

this website was superb...its the best for me compare to others
(submitted through anonymous feedback form)
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